lunes, 2 de marzo de 2009

Welcome to "El tianguis"

paint of the artist Mauricio Fernandez. Nowadays we can see this view of the markets in some towns in Mexico.

Paint of Diego Rivera "el cargador de flores"

Mural of the Tianguis during the prehispanic times. The artist capture the oldest Tianguis in Mexico the traditional tianguis of Tlatelolco in Mexico City.

The pictures behind were took in the traditional market "el Tianguis", this way of sell and buy products in the street begun since prehispanic times. They are placed in diferent parts of the city of Guadalajara, people go to this markets to buy fresh fruits, vegetables, etc. El tianguis its full of colors and it could gets crowd. The view of Tianguis has been inspirational for many artist. look images above.


corn leaves, that are used to do Tamales.

Chiles and seeds
fresh veggies

On this image Maria del Rosario and Angelina let me took this picture, they come to work from their town in the state of Michoacan(like 2.5 hrs from Guadalajara), they told me they get paid a daily salary, aproximatly $80.pesos (or 7 dls) after the season they go back to their towns (were are no electricity, clinics, schools or jobs), on my school was presented one day a documentary about the abuse of indigens people, is increible how people abuse of them, its not fear they have to work all day behind the sun for that money, but, do they have another choise? probably not afterwars in many towns in Mexico people live in unhuman conditions (extreme poverty), subsequently they come to work to the city as an alternative of their surviving .
The girls on the picture told me they are "indigenas" Purepechas and they speak purepecha and spanish too eventhough they coldnt go to school, they looked happy when they saw the image on my camara (I promised to give them the copy of this picture next sunday) .

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  1. So much GORGEOUS COLOR!!! Thankyou! I am sitting here looking out at a white and grey snowy day!


  2. Thank you! Hi martha, I wish I could see the colors you see, I have never been in the white snow of US, just one time here in the top of the hill of Colima volcano. I have heard Maine is beautiful, actually I´ve seen pictures too, I wish I could go there one day.