jueves, 26 de febrero de 2009

street workers

In Mexico the crisis it has been develop a situation were many people have to work on the streets, without salary, or health insurance, waiting for what people can give them.
This situation has been study on the last decades, the accelerated growth of this informal economy it’s a subject with a huge impact in the lattes designs of economic politics.
The sources of the stadistics on the informal economy are not really loyal font, this reality is changing day by day, and the tools that the government use to count this situation are really complex. based in technics and metodologys with an allowable error, it is really considerable to trust.
The eforce to revored this numbers its inefficient, the metods the government have establish to change the informal work it has been insufficient too. This new kind of selfemployment have develop an alternative economy that represent the first font of money after the “remesas” send them for many mexican immigrants working in United States.
This people take the streets and show the survival force, the other alternative, on the unemployed lived in Mexico. Mexicans work as musicians, crowns, independent salesman, or even as a prostitutes, the unemployment its so big that many people decided take the streets as a daily “office”.

As an example any time you take the bus in Guadalajara, (city situated in the occident of Mexico), you will find an informal worker, most of the times they say on their speech: I’m an informal worker because at my age no one wants to hire me, or Im working on the streets because the fabric were I used to work quick me out, etc.
Sadly situation for many woman and man that are still strong enough to have a productive life. They have no choice if they want to keep supporting the feeding of their families.

The man in the picture creatively made his own speech and made a contrast of the society of before and the new or modern society. he described the way man used to love, he claverly made a comparation beetween the lyrics of the song before and now.Reflejando su picara y acertada perspectiva de la nueva sociedad.
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  1. Hi Ellie

    Great pictures!!!
    We have many homeless jobless people here in Portland, Maine, too, so you can see that even in the US times are very hard. This is truly a tragic clown...


  2. Thanks Martha!

    Hi is a trgic clown... it sucks there are crisis everywhere.

    Take care.